Wednesday, June 18, 2014

asymptotic Hubble-function

what value will the Hubble-parameter reach asymptotically in the future in a $\Lambda$CDM cosmology? when are we within $10^{-n}$, $n=1,2,3$ of that value?

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  1. the Hubble function of a $\Lambda$CDM cosmology is given by $H(a)=H_0\sqrt{\Omega_m/a^3+\Omega_\Lambda}$ with the density parameter adding up to one. this function will tend towards $H(a)\rightarrow H_0\sqrt{\Omega_\Lambda}$ as $a\rightarrow\infty$, which numerically would be $H_\infty\simeq 83\:h\:\mathrm{m}/\mathrm{s}/\mathrm{Mpc}$.