Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mechanical similarity and the moon landing

the astronauts of Apollo 14 measured the surface gravity of the Moon with a pendulum. of course you could argue that all of that was faked, that the experiment was carried out on Earth and that the footage was shown in slow motion. by how much would everything need to be slowed down? would there be another experiment like the golf ball shot by the same Apollo 14 astronauts or the dropped hammer and feather from Apollo 15 that would convince you?

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  1. It would need to be slowed down by the square root of six, assuming that the surface gravity of the Moon is one-sixth that of the Earth.

    I don't believe in any conspiracy involving faked Moon landings, but the dropped hammer and feather is not really convincing. Assuming it was faked, one could have produced a vacuum in the studio. One could also have a very light hammer and a very heavy feather such that they would fall at the same speed even within an atmosphere.